Victim Services

Working under the Office of the District Attorney, Victim Services knows the emotional and financial strains that a victim or witness must deal with but they also know that your cooperation and assistance could prevent others from being victimized.

Victim Services South Georgia Judicial Circuit services Decatur, Grady, Mitchell, Baker and Calhoun Counties. If you are the victim or witness of one of many different types of crime you have rights and responsibilities under Georgia law. The Office of Victim Services is there the help you know your rights and responsibilities.

The services offered include:
  • Information about the status of your court case
  • Notice of court proceedings, including changes
  • Information and Explanations about the criminal justice proceedings
  • Orientation to the courtroom settings
  • Companion to attend court with you and provide emotional support. Also to the police station when requested
  • Referral to social service agencies, counselors and others who can assist you with problems
  • Employer Intervention to explain time missed from work due to required court appearances
  • Property Recovery of stolen items that are being held as evidence
  • Assistance if you are intimidated, harassed or afraid
  • Advocacy and Support with any problems that you may be having as a result of the crime itself or court appearances
  • Compensation is available for out of pocket expense for medical bills, counseling, funeral expense and lost wages if you qualify
  • Temporary Protective Orders are civil court papers to help keep offenders away from you in domestic situation

Wendy Knight - Director, Grants and Victim Admin.
Charisse Martin - Court Admin.
Misty Smith -
Victim Advocate
Nancy Brock - Victim Advocate

229-246-5222  (Victim Services)
229-246-1823 (Office-General)
229-243-1055 (Trial Victim Services)

Our office hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday but we are on call 24/7 if needed.

Calls after 5pm go to the on-call person for your County. If the County Advocate is not on call, they will receive the information the next morning.

See the available Forms for Crime Victims .